Technology That Makes Us Stand Out

Assur’s proprietary technology brings products that are faster to market with better quality, and a greater efficiency


Less space required in comparison to traditional methods


Increase in production capabilities per sq. ft.


Increase in revenue per sq. ft.

*In comparison to traditional methods.

Our Technology




Our Revolutionary Organic Protein – Based Crop Treatment

Increases Drying Speed

Our treatment allows the flower to release internal moisture quicker while blocking the outside oxygen from entering

Protects the Flower

By creating an organic barrier, our treatment protects the flower from external mold and microbial activity

Extends Shelf-Life

By preventing oxygen, and UV light from penetrating treated flower, our treatment extends shelf-life to over 12 months

Additional Protection

By applying non-detectable molecular coding we preserve terpenes, cannabinoids,
and nutrients

30-Day Harvest Window = 15,000 lbs of Premium Flower Per System

1 System Includes:

3 Custom-built chambers with uniquely engineered airflow
1 Desiccant Unit
1 Custom Washing Machine
1 Custom Tray Washer
1 Power Generator

Industry-Leading Efficiencies

Our chambers produce product that is faster to market because our equipment allows for a 3-day cycle - in contrast to conventional methods of 20+ days of drying and curing.

Expertly Engineered Modular Design

Delivered and picked-up from your farm, Assur’s engineering team designed mobile drying units, with premium systems backed by Munters and Siemens to help larger farms scale easily.

1 System Produces At Least 500 Pounds Daily

By drying and curing at 65F degrees, 1 system throughputs of at least 500 pounds of perfectly dried and cured flower every day.

Ultimate Real Estate Efficiency

1 system is sufficient for processing at least 10 acres of flower per 30-day period. We use less energy per acre than any other method while reducing labor costs, and environmental impact.

Sanitary Improvements

In preparation for drying, we improve food safety by utilizing our custom-built washing machine to effectively remove dirt and insects from the flower.

Discover VPD: Our Revolutionary Drying Science

Our proprietary drying science is based on Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)— or the difference between vapor pressure within a plant, and the vapor pressure of the air that surrounds it.

Our uniquely engineered airflow creates an ideal VPD environment which removes moisture from the flower while preserving all value constituents. This synergy allows for drying and curing to be reduced to only 48-60 hours.

Become Our Partner

Our proprietary technology dries and cures the flower at scale, which results in a flower quality that far exceeds existing methods (at low cost). By leasing our equipment to leading hemp cultivators, we’re helping them grow a superb product — while also providing year-round revenue.

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