We’re here to support our farmers

every step of the way.

Assur is the best investment alternative in the smokable hemp flower industry. To guarantee a premium smokeable flower, our team provides guidance and control through every step of the process.

Our industry-leading proprietary technology and engineering provide “modern ag” scalability to the smokable hemp industry. By introducing science to the art of drying and curing, our experienced partner farms enjoy consistent year-round revenue.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Farmer-First Company

Assur is a farmer-first “ag-tech” company and engineering platform.

Industry Leading

Our farms have industry-leading genetic and crop nutritional plans.

Quantity and Quality

We dry and cure the flower at scale for low cost with superior quality.

Maximum Efficiency

1 system offloads at least 500 pounds of dry / cured flower every day.

For answers to commonly asked questions, see our FAQs below.

Will drying too fast affect the smoke of the flower?

The removal of water at excessive rates will cause irreparable damage to the plant matter, flower structure and each of the valued constituents. Assur’s competitors in the desiccation (or drying) space often achieve high throughputs by increasing temperature, velocity and turbulence to their systems and in doing so cause significant changes in value and in the overall appearance of the flower. Assur’s proprietary system has been developed to manage these issues through a very low temp and varied formulations of velocity (both FPM and CFM) with very specific turbulence profiles to ensure the flower maintains all the valued constituents, the flowers appearance and most importantly, its’ overall value to the farmer.

Does our process preserve terpenes?

Monoterpenes are one of the most valued constituents in hemp and cannabis flower, as they provide the smell and aid in the taste of combusted materials. The issue is that terpenes are incredibly volatile molecules. This is to say that they boil off at very low temperatures. Assur’s process dries flower at just over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, preserving terpenes better than any other dyer on the market.

Does our process extend shelf life?

The Assur Process of drying includes a post-harvest wash/cleaning process in an organic solution. This highly proprietary wash provides several aspects of added value. One of which is the preservation of quality during processing and while in queue for sale. This stage of storage is often overlooked by competitors in the space but with Assur’s approach it is addressed and solved for.

How many acres/pounds can you dry a day?

Assur’s expedited processes allow for at least 500lbs of dried material per 1 system to be finished each day. Each Assur platform utilizes three units that work in tandem across a 48-72 hour drying cycle.

What is the one big difference between our process and others?

Preservation of quality. The Assur process is unlike any other drying system on the market today. The cold dry process, post-harvest dip and high level engineering of proper air flow controls allows for a fast, cost efficient alternative to the current industry standards of heated forced air dyers or massive buildings needed to hang dry. Effective use of space and technology provide a real solution hemp and cannabis farms can rely on.

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