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Crop and Farm Planning Advisement

Qualified advisement from a team of industry experts on a wide range of hemp farming best practices such as modern hemp cultivation techniques, equipment, and technologies. This service is to help ensure that each customer has the tools available for a successful season and financial outcome from their farming efforts.

Genetic and Transplant Advisement

The hemp industry is a maze of false claims and unqualified producers of seed and seedlings. Assur’s experts know and understand the industry from years of experience and industry networking with qualified partners in the genetics space.


Low Cost Approaches to Hemp Harvesting

Years of due diligence helped Assur build a quality network of harvest partners that provide affordable quality solutions to the high costs associated with harvesting smokable hemp flower at scale.

Accelerated Low Temp Drying, Curing

We provide operations, transportation logistics, and access to our equipment to partner farms. Our service brings solutions to issues that hemp farmers endure – we increase throughput volume while saving on cost, space, and we further increase profit margins for our partner farms.

Logistics and Material Handling Advisement

Understanding the volume of harvested incoming material and the accelerated output of dry material is a complicated and expensive step in hemp farming. Assur’s team of experts helps custom fit the necessary logistics and SOP’s to help your farm save money and time during the hectic harvest season.


Industry Best Options for Scaled and Affordable Trimming

Utilizing the very best equipment and practices at scale, Assur is excited to provide an in-house solution to the very expensive flower trimming processes. Current standards for “trim houses” are untenable for farmers due to inflated costs and an inability to scale for adequate throughput of materials.

High Throughput, Infusion, and Pre-roll Manufacturing

Not all flower is destined for a jar and yet is by quality standards worthy of the “smokable” label. Assur is proud to provide the highest manufacturing rates of pre-rolls in the Western United States. This scale allows for a lesser cost to the farmer and ensures every ounce of quality flower garners the best prices the hemp market can offer. In addition to the pre-roll manufacturing, Assur has industry leading-infusion technology to lift products into alternate higher-margin markets with the infusion of cannabinoid isolates, terpenes, and converted Deltas.



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